Thursday, February 28, 2013

Math Madness

One of our lovely homeschool moms, Stacey, put together two math workshops for our group.  She was a math specialist in the public schools in her former life, and had PILES of math manipulatives in her garage.  So much stuff, in fact, that she sent each family home with their own stash.  So, right up front, I gotta say "Thank You!" to Stacey for 1) sending home goodies and 2) tricking my kids into thinking that math is fun!

From the second workshop, I think the biggest hit had to be the geo-thingies you use to make shapes with rubber bands.  Michael decided that if he put two boards together, he'd have more space to make pictures.

Getting creative

William and I played the symmetry game together.

Wrestling with the Rubber Band Ball

Thomas mostly hung out in the back corner with the older kids.

No caption came to mind

Believe it or not, there was actually talk of a Math Club meeting on a regular basis.  How geek-cool is that?

Michael with his take-away

Friday, February 15, 2013

Cast Party

This month Thomas participated in New London Theatre's "Broadway Bound" production, a program designed to draw and encourage younger actors.  Thomas appeared in a play written by a student called "Mad: The History of the Hatter", sort of a "Wizard of Oz Meets Alice in Wonderland" thing.  Thomas was an evil scarecrow.  With a cast.  But, at least it was a red cast to match his red costume.

"Cast" party

Here is the cast of Mad after Opening Night.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Another First Part Three

So, back to Dr. Patel for a follow-up to Thomas' surgery.  This is what the arm looked like under the splint.  Notice the correct angle of the wrist (thank you, Dr. Patel), and just a couple of scars.

A little closer look.  Wait, what is that on the lower right?

That would be heavy-guage wires sticking out of my child's arm.  I'm happy we don't have to mess with those.  Another cast is going on, for another three weeks.

Thomas opted for a red cast this time (at my suggestion), so it will sort of blend with his red costume while he is on stage.

We're closing on the end of The Saga of The Broken Arm...