Monday, January 30, 2017

Bold Fashion Statement

Our current exercise routine is me taking the kids to the indoor pool Monday through Friday. This was Thomas' attire today. File this one under "they never listen to me when I tell them what to wear in public."


Friday, January 20, 2017

Sleeping Sitting Up

Please note the title of the book...

BooBoo (9)

Work in Progress - Stairs

Our stairs have been through some tough times and were showing it. Some of the bullnose finish pieces had popped off the front of the treads, resulting in steps that were a wee too short for the average foot (but not on every step, which made them that much more precarious). The older dogs (Jasmine and Jenny) have been having more and more trouble getting up and down them without slipping because of the stairs' hardwood finish. So, time for a re-do.

Thomas agreed to take on the project with David's instruction and oversight. The first step (ha) was tearing the finished bamboo off the treads and risers, ripping off the underlayment, and removing the banister on the open side of the stairs.

That accomplished, Thomas installed new solid wood treads, with David cutting boards to length. Since all boards were straight cut, the front edges of the treads needed to be rounded, which Thomas used a router to accomplish. The outside edges of the first four treads got the same treatment.

Here's the progress so far, along with the (rightfully) proud carpenter.


The next step is preparing and primering the steps and side trim on both sides. Then painting the treads, and installing laminant on the risers. Finally, we'll be tacking a carpet runner all the way from the bottom to the top so the girls have something easier to climb up.

Bravely forging forward!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Reading and Pizza

It's been a few years since we officially enrolled in Pizza Hut's Reading Reward program. Each student enrolled in the program sets a reading goal for the school year. Each month they reach their goal (as confirmed by teacher), they get a free personal pan pizza.

All three boys are now too old to officially participate, but we've continued the tradition anyway. William is the big "reader" and has met his goal of one book per month almost every month we've been doing this. Thomas and Michael...have not been as consistent.

This is the second month in a row all three boys have earned their pizza. And believe me, they take full advantage of filling up. A personal pizza is not nearly enough to satisfy their lunch intake requirements, even with boneless wings on the side. So, we all split full-sized pies (with a little left over to take home to Dad).

Post-consumption table

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Backyard Adventures

Michael enjoys spending a lot of time outside, and during the "school week," that means the back yard. Having plenty of scrap left from taking down a few dead trees, he gathered up some materials and built himself a lean-to.

Front Door
Sturdy door header

View from outside

Flurry of mushrooms...NOT for emergency dining