Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Something Old is New Again

Michael has had a fascination with the old-style Jiffy Pop, and finally got one to try out. He was very excited about doing it on the stove; he read the directions and everything. It worked, and now he has successfully scratched that itch. What more is there to say?



Thursday, February 9, 2017

Editing::One Thing Leads to Another

I've been fussing for a while because I needed to reorganize my primary workspace (desk, top of desk, areas around desk, etc.), but have not made time to do that (somehow working on my clients' projects was my priority...go figure). But, a series of unfortunate events (name that series) led to and supported putting organization closer to the top of my to-do list.

First and foremost: my printer. I'm pretty sure this was the hand-me-down from David when his company upgraded his printer, so that would make it about ten years old. It's a color printer, but it gave up printing blue before it was passed on to me. That was fine, because I just figured out which colors not to use on documents if distinguishing colors was important. Then, the red gave out. That left black and yellow. That's just not okay. My business' signature colors include magenta, purple, and green. Just can't make that happen with black and yellow.

Second, I realized I'm going to have to copy and/or scan every single cashier receipt for both my editing business and David's remodeling business, because the ink on those suckers fade pretty quickly and certainly would not survive the requisite seven years recommended by the IRS. That in itself was not an issue, but having my printer/copier on top of my roll-top desk (where I cleverly put it to keep it from taking up valuable workspace) made making numerous copies of receipts problematic. This issue became a bit more urgent since I need (or want, depending on how process-oriented you are) to copy/scan every receipt for both businesses from 2016 before I send all my "stuff" to our accountant to prepare income tax statements for said year.

Taking "first" and "second" together, there was no sense going through the burdensome process of moving a printer/copier that needed to be replaced anyway. So, it was time to get a new printer (business write-off...yay!). Since my business is still "blossoming," being thrifty was important. But, it needed to be reliable and print in color (what's a spreadsheet without color?). Print quality wasn't much of an issue, but speed was a consideration. Where do I go to find such a printer along with consumer reviews? Amazon, of course.

I found it with about 30 minutes of poking about. It was less than $60. I ordered it. It was on my doorstep in two days. I don't care how many people insist Amazon is Satan come to destroy humanity, I love Amazon.

Opening the box is always a gleeful experience.
The reviewers on Amazon may have overstated the simplicity of setting it up. There were two pages, back and front, of the "Getting Started" guide.

Simple Set-Up Instructions

When the printer and the online set-up instructions (in addition to the aforementioned printed instructions) failed to agree with one another, I called on Thomas to finish setting it up. Which he did, because he a good son who loves his mother.

Ready to go.

It now works! I can reach printouts from my yoga ball (without falling off of it), and it's easily accessible for copying! Yay!

So, the resulting benefit of this whole exercise was reorganizing my workspace, which happened (the first photo above). My desktop is uncluttered in a wonderfully peaceful and focus-inspiring way (I can actually put an open MS binder in front of me and work onscreen at the same time). I can get to my pen-and-ruler drawer (doesn't everyone have one of those?) without having to move my stand-up organizer. All of my reference books are within easy reach and I don't have to unstack eight of them to get to the ninth. All of my client files are in an actual filing cabinet where I can easily reach them. I can look up from my computer screen and see my most favorite painting (reproduction) when I need a moment of contemplation. I found the perfect spot for the Family Dictionary. And (covered with a protective hand towel) the new printer has become a favored perching spot for Bagheera and BooBoo (because many writers and editors need their animal spirits).

What more can an editor ask for?

My Zen inspiration corner: Cool antique-y lamp. Origami cranes from dear friends' wedding celebration. Mama Bear pencil/pen/ruler cup. Dinosaur skeleton model (guess where that came from). Incense pot. Reading Girl in the background. Perfect. Back to editing...

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Puppy Love

Jenny (12) and Ruger (4-ish)

Friday, February 3, 2017

Helping with the Laundry