Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Knitting

All the hand-made goodies for CA have been finished, wrapped, packaged, and shipped. Yay! Here are a few more pix...

Prairie Grasses Scarf

Mountain Man Scarf and

Mountain Man-About-Town Scarf

Mountain Man Hat...Jr.

Tie Dyed Cafe Apron, ready to wrap

Pretty little packages

Last year Grace wrote about eliminating "boughten" wrapping papers and ribbons to reduce waste, so I'm keeping the wrapping for my handmade gifts simple. Just white tissue paper, and I'm using the same yarn the item is made from to tie up the bundle. No tape, so the tissue paper can be reused. No metallic bows and ribbons and paper to be thrown away, and no bows to get squished in shipping.
Simplicity rocks!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Today was T-Bear's quarterly checkup with Dr. A, our pediatric endocrinologist. Everything looks a-okay. Weight and height are in the 80% percentile. Eyes, ears, throat and feet all look good. And his A1c was 7.6. Not bad at all, considering he's been consistently a bit high the past several weeks. So, we're tweeking his calculations a bit. Upping Lantus from 17 to 19 (which should fix his AM highs), and adjusting his correction factor from 40 to 35 (which should bring his highs down to normal range a bit better). Carb/insulin ratios are staying at 1:8.

So, confession time. I'm a Low Wimp. I hate lows. I hate even the idea of lows. They scare the poop out of me, and I want to avoid them just about at all costs, because a severe low could kill him. Even moderate lows are very unhappy making. So, rather than adjust his Lantus to bring his "mild highs" more in line, I tend to leave it where it is and give corrections as needed.

Because, really, every time we increase his Lantus, it makes me nervous. More chance of lows. Have to be certain we're testing EXACTLY two hours after the last dose/meal. Nighttime BG checks for a few nights. And often, more tweeking of the other factors.

So, I was relieved T-Bear's A1c was 7.6, because that's a pretty good number (it indicates average BG of 150-180 over the past three months or so).

But, I need to get over being a Low Wimp. Because the highs, even the mild ones, are not good for T-Bear. They do the quiet, hidden damage. The stuff he'll have to deal with for the rest of his life.

Putting on my Big Girl Panties and bumping up the Lantus tonight. And setting my alarm clock for about 3:00 am.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Five Boys

We had the pleasure of temporarily adopting KitMama's two older boys for a few days. Yep, five boys for four days. They all get along so well, and enjoy one another so much, it's almost quieter in the house with these five!

Four out of five boys.
Thanks, Kit, for the loan!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Birthday Bounty

I'm not sure which birthday gift I'll get the most use out of...

The wine goblet from my adorable MIL....

....or the brand new sewing machine from my hunka-hunka-hubby....

Okay, who am I kidding? The wine goblet, obviously. Oh, and the new wine glasses from the boys to replace all the ones that have been mysteriously broken ;)
But, coming in a close runner-up is this beautiful little zippered pouch G made for me, which I'm now using to hold all my sewing notions for my new sewing machine! How perfect is that?!?

Yeeeeeesssss, I did break in my new sewing machine today. We're going through a "getting to know you" stage. And, I am sure, we will settle into a mutually productive relationship in short order. I'm pretty sure. There are a lot of buttons involved.
BUT, the absolute BEST part of my birthday yesterday...
*I got to see Harry Potter 7 (part 1) with my hubby and eldest son. It was awesome. And why, oh why, do I have to wait six months for the ending?!?
*A whole lot of my most favorite people in the world were standing around in my kitchen when we got back from the theater, having brought food along with their own lovely company to celebrate my 44. And, hubby ALMOST pulled off the surprise! Yay!
*I didn't get a bunch of stuff I didn't need or want! Yeah, I know that sounds really cynical, but, shoot, at my age, I've really got just about everything I could possibly want or need. And, really, what matters most to me, is YOU.
Thank you all for the gift of your friendship. And, a special Thank You to S for all of your behind-the-scenes arranging. :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Busy Hands

Can't blog now. I'm knitting.

Chocolate Nummies Bundle-Up Scarf
Pink Dream Angel Hair Scarf

Dreams of the Desert Scarf

Krazy Kristmas Kandy Scarf

Blue Angel Scarf

Emerald Blue Highlights Scarf

Custom Holiday Stocking
Hopefully, after the holidays I'll be able to stock up my Etsy store and start taking orders for custom holiday stockings.
For now...back to knitting!