Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Knitting

All the hand-made goodies for CA have been finished, wrapped, packaged, and shipped. Yay! Here are a few more pix...

Prairie Grasses Scarf

Mountain Man Scarf and

Mountain Man-About-Town Scarf

Mountain Man Hat...Jr.

Tie Dyed Cafe Apron, ready to wrap

Pretty little packages

Last year Grace wrote about eliminating "boughten" wrapping papers and ribbons to reduce waste, so I'm keeping the wrapping for my handmade gifts simple. Just white tissue paper, and I'm using the same yarn the item is made from to tie up the bundle. No tape, so the tissue paper can be reused. No metallic bows and ribbons and paper to be thrown away, and no bows to get squished in shipping.
Simplicity rocks!


  1. Beautiful! I stepped it up a notch this year and sewed tons of fabric gift bags. Nice that they will all be reuseable. I did some in Christmas fabric and others in floral, etc. In addition, I used brown paper from a few Amazon pkgs. Whew - I'm tired of sewing. And I still have one scarf left to finish.

    The Praire grass scarf is one of my favorites...

    You are right.... simplicity Does Rock!

  2. I love the pretty little packages!! This year, I used up the leftover giftwrap from previous years. This meant that I did not have 1 "theme" and it didn't match...this is a BIG deal for me :) Now I can forge ahead next year with more simplicity this coming year.