Friday, December 3, 2010

Busy Hands

Can't blog now. I'm knitting.

Chocolate Nummies Bundle-Up Scarf
Pink Dream Angel Hair Scarf

Dreams of the Desert Scarf

Krazy Kristmas Kandy Scarf

Blue Angel Scarf

Emerald Blue Highlights Scarf

Custom Holiday Stocking
Hopefully, after the holidays I'll be able to stock up my Etsy store and start taking orders for custom holiday stockings.
For now...back to knitting!


  1. Did I tell you how much mom and sister loved the stocking?????? You did such a fabulous job. Love some of these new yarns. Shows how long its been since I've seen you since I don't recognize many of these projects! Knit on!

  2. Wow! Wonderful job! You have a great talent. :)

  3. yummy! i want the pink scarf with a throw to match!!! i am feeling cold right now but happy the snow switched to rain.....finally

  4. Holy knitting Batman!! You have been busy! Love the new scarfs, and great names for them too.

  5. I love the chocolate nummies one, especially. Isn't that "Mr. Woodhouse's scarf"? It's great!