Monday, August 17, 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love

I just had to pass this on (Thanks, G, for the link!). All you crafters with waaaaay too much stuff stuffed into your closets that will NEVER be transformed into anything useful, this is your chance to have that stuff put to good use. Bundle it up and ship it off to this big-hearted GI to be distributed to Iraqi's who are in desparate need of raw materials.

Check out the Iraqi Bundles of Love website for general information and updates. Check out the "what to send" link for...well...what to send. And, here's info on "building a bundle". That should get you started. THE DEADLINE FOR SHIPPING IS SEPT 7TH so bundles will arrive by Ramadan.

I'd write more about what an awesome project this is, but I've gotta go dig through three storage bins of raw materials and package them up....

Thanks for considering!


  1. Glad you liked the idea! I just felt compelled to pass it on. Paige is going to give me a bi piece of fabric and I am going to fill in the little stuff for our bundle.

  2. I've been passing the link around, too- hopefully my crafter's group will put together a couple boxes! What a super idea- I admit as I read the site and some of the comments I got a little teary. ~sniff~