Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Craft Day at The Park

Our homeschool group's usual Tuesday Park Day was a bit unusual today.

It wasn't just that we had almost every family in the group there (I think we had 14 families there?!?).

This certainly wasn't unusual....

A gaggle o' moms.

This was a little bit unusual for our family...

One too many cupcakes.

Nope, this isn't unusual, either....

Babyman showing off his find...

...a lady bug on a stick.

Nuthin' unusual about a flock of boys...

Gathered around the go-cart.

There really wasn't even anything all that unusual about someone stopping to ask if we were having a knitting class, since the majority of moms were knitting (or crocheting) something as we visited.

But, THIS was a bit unusual...

Ms. G. orchestrating craft time!

Ms. G. brough along bunches of clear glass ornaments, fancy markers, and paint, and helped each child decorate their own holiday ornament.

Finished products!

Thank you, Ms. G., for all for the time and effort you put into this fantastic project. And, thank you to all the mamas who brought snacks to share. Very nice day!

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