Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Romantic Dinner

You never know what's going to inspire kids. Among the hundreds of apps Thomas had loaded onto his iTouch, he came across an app that teaches you how to fold cloth napkins. Really. He practiced a few different folds for a while, then asked about formal table setting. I handed him Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Book of Etiquette (yes, I do have a copy on our bookshelf) and he disappeared for a bit to study it. A bit later, a sheet was mysteriously hung across the doorway to the dining room, and David and I were told, in no uncertain terms, repeatedly, that we were forbidden to enter the dining room for any reason.

That evening, hubby and I were instructed to enter the dining room, donning black jackets, where the kids all worked together to serve us dinner. KitMama was head chef, providing her famous chili, Michael invented desert, and Thomas was head waiter (and photographer).

Prepared to be served.

Desert. Fruit smoothie with marshmallows.

Centerpeice, and one of our servers.

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