Monday, December 17, 2012

Something New

Okay, two somethings new in one picture.

I've suspected for a while that William's vision was not great.  He seems to need to be awfully close to whatever screen he's in front of to see what's going on in his video games.  Then, when we attended Thomas' performance of A Christmas Carol at New London Theatre, I lent him my glasses so he could see something written on a whiteboard on stage, and he asked me if he could keep them for the rest of the performance.

So.... time to go in for an eye exam.  We do this every year anyway, to check for D complications.  Last year the opt doc said he was a bit near-sighted, but we mutually agreed to hold off of the glasses to see if it could be corrected by reducing screen time, forcing focus from a distance, etc.

Apparently not.

Today, we picked up William's first glasses.  He was really excited, because he's going to have one more thing in common with me.

On the way home from picking them up, we stopped off at the library to return some books, and saw this machine outside the newly-remodeled building.

That, my friends, is William with his new glasses, standing in front of the new book-dispensing machine in front of our library.  I'd never seen such a thing before, and hope to see many more in the future.  Way better than soda, junk food, and video dispensing machines, no doubt.

Oh, and there was actually a third new thing, at the library.  The book return slot on the outside of the building talks.  It just about scared the pee out of me when I went to return something.  A talking book return really is one of the last things one expects.  Ever.

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