Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tatted Earrings for The Market

So, having told you the "story" yesterday, here are some pictures.

Yesterday while I was dropping off an order at The Market, I asked Thomas to take some pictures of the display I have set up, and which travels from Market to Market throughout the week.  Each Market has a Farmer's Table where producers can leave goods to be purchased by customers, in addition to their orders.  The Girls are kind enough to take my display to each Market throughout the week, so folks can see them first-hand.  Thomas has been photographing most of the earrings as I finish them, so I have a picture to post on the Market website.  He got a little artsy with the angle, but it gives you a pretty good idea of the colors and styles currently available...

Interesting angle...

So, these are what I am offering so far at the Market, in chronological order.  Each one is made to order, so I can be just about any color you want.

I started out with a Celtic Snowflake pattern.

Celtic Snowflake

Then added beads for those who like beads.

Beaded Celtic Snowflake

Then came a five-pedal flower.

Five Petal Flower (photo by S)

I didn't like how it looked with beads, so, no beads for this one.

Then, I added pansies, in either light or dark lavender (again, no beads).

Two-Tone Pansies (photo by S)

Then I switched seasons, and came up with Autumn Leaves.  These I didn't like without beads, so I only offer them with beads.  I also just found a brilliant orange that will look great in this pattern.

Beaded Autumn Leaves

And, my last offering:  Demi Autumn Leaves.  A smaller version in a lighter-weight thread, in variegated colors.

Demi Autumn Leaves

So, that's what I'm offering so far.  I've got lots of ideas for other items - more ideas than time to implement them - and have another little project I'm working on commission, in addition to the table topper.  So, I'm almost as busy as the Heirloom Girls ;)

You can check out the Lilburn Market here, and see my current listings here.


  1. Great! I love that the skills are being taken up, generation by generation. tatting, knitting, crochet - - - Mom

  2. Wonderful work. I love that the hand working skills are being carried from generation to generation - tatting, crochet and knitting all started at least as far back as my great, great grandmother, and perhaps another generation beyond that. Keep it up!