Friday, July 3, 2015

Off to Moon Shade Hollow

In what seems to be becoming an annual tradition, we packed up the kids, the dogs, and Popper, and headed for Moon Shade Hollow for the long Independence Day weekend.

Jasmine, Jenny, and Ruger ... always first into the car
By now the dogs (including newbie Ruger) know when we're going camping, and whine to be put in the back of the Sequoia while we're packing, until we load them up.

Rufus doesn't whine, but he's usually settled into his spot in the car while we finish hitching up the camper.

Rufus ... always second into the car

It's not a long drive, which makes it a nice, simple get-away. Everyone knows we're close when we pull into Leon's for bait and ice.

We know we're almost there....

This is my favorite part of the entire drive ... the road the house is on.

Favorite view from the road

Even the dogs know what's up when we pull into the drive.

Ruger: "We're almost there!"  William: "Don't drool on me!"

New sign!

When we're having heavy rains, the lake often rises several feet, making Popper's usual spot down by the boathouse a bit soggy (or just plain flooded). So, we dropped her in the parking area just under Blueberry Hill, nicely snuggled under the trees. I think this is my favorite spot for her.

Popper's new favorite spot, overseen by Hostess Kit

But, THIS is my favorite spot for ME. Sitting on the wrap-around porch enjoying the view.

Ahhhh ... now we're on holiday!

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