Monday, November 16, 2015

Early Start on Christmas Gifts

I'm happy to say I've gotten a fairly early start on Christmas gifts this year. At least for me.

Most years I chose the same handmade item to make for each of the special women in my life. Generally, inspiration doesn't strike until the end of November, or later, and I'm left frantically crafting throughout December in an often vain attempt to get them all finished (and some shipped) in time for Christmas.

This year I actually came up with my gift-for-all project last week. I have all of the materials purchased, and have already completed my prototype, so I'll be able to knock them out pretty quickly. Can't show you what it is yet, because that would spoil it for the recipients. But I'll show you after Christmas.

Secret Santa

My annual crafting rush also includes a Secret Santa gift for our Mom's Gift Exchange. Each November participating moms from our homeschool group draw names from a hat, and you get to make a handmade gift for the person you drew. This can be a tricky thing if you draw someone you don't know well. But there's usually one or two people you can quietly tap into for some background information (such as favorite color, desired objects, and allergies). And, of course, it has to be kept secret. At least from the recipient. There are often secret emails, text messages, and general whisperings during Park Day, often accompanied by giggling.

This is a picture of the start of this year's gift. Not tellin' what it is, but it's gonna' be fabulous. I'll post a picture of the finished gift and recipient when it's gifted. I can't wait. (giggle)

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