Thursday, May 12, 2016

NOLA Day 1

David and his team are handling security for his client's annual shareholders meeting in New Orleans. Since it's within drive-able distance, and the team was going to rent an Air B&B as well as hotel rooms, it was a great opportunity for the family to tag along on a little working vacation. Timing turned out great, since I'd sent the final edits to Anna for her novel, and Michael has been bugging me for weeks for a little one-on-one time.

It was wheels-up by about 11:00 for the anticipated 6-7 hour trip. When your drive starts out with this view, you can't really go wrong.

Tailgating a delivery truck

Except, we did have some challenges on the way, and not just construction delays. David had a significant work bugaboo come up that kept him hands-free on the phone most of the drive. David's sister was texting because she's been having debilitating back pain. And Anna sent me the final MS for her book. I downloaded it to my tablet on the road (pretty impressive, huh?) and immediately realized it was going to need one more proofread before it could be sent to the formatter on Monday morning, so I got started on that in the car (until my battery went dead).
But, the long drive and work distractions were worth it just to see Lake Pontchartrain.

Michael was very excited to cross one of the longest bridges in the world heading into NO. He'd learned about this series of bridges on BrainPop.

Similar to our SanFran trip, our digs in NO are a townhouse in the historic district.

Our home-away-from-home

This area also reminds me of the neighborhood where we stayed in SanFran. The architecture of these houses is similar in that many are very narrow and tall. They're similar in their decorative detail, although here there's quite a bit more wrought iron. And construction/remodeling is going on everywhere, it seems.

Faby had already gotten us check in, so we quickly got settled. For dinner we strolled around the corner to Port of Call, a tiny little eatery with a big reputation. The six of us were crammed into a table for four, but the service was good and friendly, and the food was fabulous. They only serve burgers and steaks, and there are no fries, only baked potatoes, which are definitely worth tasting. Perfect with a nice, cold beer.

Miss Faby

William: "This burger shall not defeat me, even if it does come with a baked potato!"

After dinner, Michael and I headed back to the house, while David, Faby, Thomas, and William took a walk-about through the French Quarter. Street performers were not in short supply.

William under construction.

Thomas, William, Mystery Person, and Faby

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