Thursday, June 7, 2018

Brotherly Love by William

William is taking his high school courses online through James Madison High School and is currently studying English. One of his assignments was to write a poem. Here it is.

Brotherly Love
By William

It’s the little insults that get me the most,
It’s the little insults that my bro likes to boast.

He says it at any point, at any place and at any time.
Its so dumb, that I hade to put it in rhyme.

Is it the look of my hair?
Is it the clothes that I always wear?
He does it so instantly, as if from thin air.

The words buzz around my head like a bunch of gnats,
I wish that they were all eaten by a bunch of bats.

Isn’t it bad that he just goes on and on?
Isn’t it sad that my brother calls me a Klingon?

Its simply the worst, but next time, I know,
When he does it again this time… POW! K.O.

I'll let you decide which brother it's about.

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