Sunday, February 1, 2009

What did you learn at Bible Study tonight? (TJEd)

I asked this of our 9-year old son. For a couple of months, now, he’s been toddling off with our neighbors to their Wednesday night Bible Study. The main attraction for Tom, I think, is the visit to our local pizza joint, Stevie B’s, and the opportunity to play arcade games there before moving on to The Church. Although we’re not Christians, and I’ve quietly disclosed to our lovely neighbor that we’re a non-religious family, she still seems content (sometimes maybe a little determined) to invite our boys to Wednesday night Bible Study with their family. For me, it’s supporting our kids in their exploration of religion. For Tom, it’s free food, arcade games, and socializing. Sometimes they even have a bouncy-house.

So, like a good mom, each night when Tom returns from Bible Study, I ask him “So, what did you learn at Bible Study tonight?” His answer is pretty much the same each week.

“Nothing much”.

“You didn’t learn anything tonight?”

“Not really. Just some old stuff.”

“Oh. What old stuff?”

“I don’t remember.”

Whatever the lesson was, it doesn’t seem to have stuck.

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