Saturday, March 5, 2011

PapaBear’s Monthly HD Workshop Outing

Saturday, March 5th was the inaugural Home Depot Kids Workshop for PapaBear and a menagerie of cubs. What will undoubtedly become the first of many Saturday excursions to PapaBear’s “toy store” involved a sleepover the night before getting all (6) cubs up at 7AM, dressed and fed and out the door so to be in line before any crowds formed. Remarkably, PapaBear had everyone up, dressed (including three bathed), fed, teeth and hair brushed and out the door at 835AM – a feat unto itself for sure! Of course, PapaBear had to leverage some measure of incentive for everyone to behave themselves. His non junk food enticement was to let them all play in the 2-story outdoor storage barns (hey, what grown up doesn’t like doing that, too).

This first project was to build wooden Home Depot NASCAR race cars. Using, wood glue, hammer & nails and the application of pre-printed stickers, the kids all managed to put the right parts in the proper position and not get glue in their hair or clothes – a true measure of success. Everyone passed inspection and received their aprons with project pins and certificates. And the cars all turned out pretty darn well, too.

It would appear that the team thoroughly enjoyed this outing -- afterwards nearly convincing PapaBear to take them out to second breakfast and/or early lunch. This required some restraint on his part, as he gently reminded them that they were NOT Hobbits and that one breakfast would have to sustain them until the normally scheduled lunch. The drove home singing at the top of their lungs to the playful sounds of Dr. Demento (Star Trekkin’ and Guitarzan were featured). Smiles all ‘round!!!

All the kids are left to wonder what the next project will be then?
Next outing, April 2nd.

(By PapaBear)

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  1. ya sorry i dint come my dad was sick it looks like you guys had fun from john