Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sushi Night

Last night the kids and I got a mutual bee in our mutual bonnets, and decided to make California rolls. I had ordered the seaweed (nori) and bamboo roller through Amazon, and it happened to arrive yesterday, and the kids happened to open the package, and then happened to inquire what the heck that was, and then decided we should make California rolls. Call it "strewing via Amazon".

We didn't have any sushi rice on hand, but pretty much had everything else (except the artificial crab meat...which I'm happy to skip), so off we went.

Pre-cooked brown rice from the fridge was re-warmed, with the rice vinegar/sugar/salt mixture stirred in, then spread on a sheet of parchment paper to cool.

Rice was then "placed" onto a sheet of nori with an o-so-delicate hand.

Seasame seeds were sprinkled onto the rice, then thinly sliced vegetables were added....cucumber, carrot, avocado, and a dose of cilantro and asparagus for me.

Then commenced the rolling.

Resulting in "rolls".

Which were then cut into bit-sized bits.

My favorite were the "ends" with a bunch of stuff popping out.

It was so pretty I had to take another picture.

Amazingly, the kids LOVED doing this, and actually eating this. Go figure.
Me? I'll never buy California Rolls again, not even at Costco, which has pretty good ones. Only FRESH from now on!
And, P.S., YOU can do this! It's totally simple and easy and yummy!


  1. Those look so yummy!!!!

    I popped over here from the 30 day vegan challenge and have spent WAY too much time reading T-Bears diagnosis story some of the follow up posts. ;) I am just stunned by how it all happened and how you and your family dealt with the redirection of your vacation.

    I *think* I have seen you around in the DOC but somehow missed putting you on my reader. What a mistake . . . . I love your writing style, how you homeschool and the zest for life your stories reveal. So inspirational!!

    Sounds like the vegan eating plan has worked well for you. My husband, oldest daughter and I are all following it strictly, but my 8yo T1D daughter and 6yo son are having a tough go at it. I also offer bread at each meal so they can default to a sandwich. It is tough getting my daughter off her beloved beef sticks and cheese!!!!

  2. YUM! I have one of those roller things sitting in my drawer that I haven't used in forever... mostly because the first time I used it I put so much junk in the roll I could barely roll it. Apparently, I roll sushi like I paint -- kinda impatiently and all over the place!