Sunday, March 4, 2012

Daily Pix 3:4:12

Michael and I spent several hours earlier in the week planting seeds in flats for the upcoming planting season. I had mixed results with last year's garden putting seeds directly in the ground, though the seedlings from our mini greenhouse did well. So, I decided to do more seeds in the greenhouse this year, and see if I can get more growing and producing plants.

While having a mini greenhouse on the back deck definitely is a plus when it comes to getting an earlier start on the planting season, there are some risks to starting your seeds outside. Namely, cold nights. After all the effort Michael and I put into planting our seeds for the greenhouse, the weather threatened to freeze overnight. We can't really bring the greenhouse into the house (though that would be nice), so I came up with a blanket to try to keep them warm.

Not a monster on the deck.

Our mini greenhouse decked out for a cold night.

Those seedlings that had already pushed up seemed to have weathered the cold just fine.

After much begging and pleading, Papa Bear surprised Michael with a new fish. Michael has taken a solemn oath to take very good care of this fish (others have expired from overenthusiastic feeding), and worked diligently to clean up and prepare his fish tank (with a little help from Mom).

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