Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Project Le Pew

Our primary project today was malodorous.  I stayed inside.  Can you guess what these guys are digging up in our back yard?

I'll give you a hint... this was the motto on the side of their truck.  The truck featured a pump and high-pressure hose.

And, yep, here it is.  The malbehaving object.  Our septic tank.  (Aren't you glad I waited until it was cleaned out before I had the picture snapped (by Thomas)?).

Apparently, methane (which septic tanks hold quite a bit of) over time breaks down the concrete that parts of the tank are made of.  (Isn't that thinking ahead?).  So, the "T" on our particular tank had pretty much completely fallen apart, so it was not draining properly into the leach field.  So it was creating a bit of a marsh in the back yard.  (Ick).  So after about three hours and $1,800 later, this is what our newly repaired septic system looked like.

Can't hardly tell there's an $1,800 hole under that newly leveled dirt, can you?  However, it did inspire Michael to dig out the Tonka's and work on his how little project.  In the leachy mud.  (Ick).

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