Friday, September 26, 2014

Driving. Oh, My...

He kept saying he was going to get his Learner's Permit as soon as he turned fifteen. He'd been saying it for several months. He went online and studied and took the practice tests, and told me his score each time he took it. He kept counting down the days until he had his Learner's Permit. I finally told him that if he needed me to take him to the DDS, he would need to put it on the family calendar. Which he did.

So, the day after he turned fifteen, I took Thomas to the DDS, and he took the test, and he got his temporary Learner's Permit.

As you can see, he was very happy about that.

And, he quite proudly asked for the keys to he could drive us home. This is him in the driver's seat with his Learner's Permit. Nervous, but ready to go.

Now, Thomas has been practicing his driving skills in safe areas for a few years now, so I knew he could drive. He's comfortable with our vehicle (despite it's size), and he takes the responsibility seriously. But, he'd never driven on busy streets with traffic. He did very well. We got home in one piece with no major incidents. I think I only raised my voice once when pointing out a looming hazard.

Once in the driveway, in park, engine off, he definitely felt the stress relief.

It is an odd thing having your baby drive you around in the family vehicle. But, so far, it is an adjustment we're both making pretty well.

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