Thursday, October 22, 2015

Editing::Building a Website

No, I'm not actually building a website, because I don't know the first thing about how that's done. My friend Sarah over at CodeGreer is actually building it. From scratch. Which I think is very witchcrafty of her.

But I am in charge of designing it. And deciding on the navigation (how many pages there are and how you get to them and all that). And writing all of the copy (words) for it. It's kind of an intimidating process for those of us who don't do it professionally. And that intimidation is part of the reason I've been dilly-dallying for a year. Indecision. It can kill a website before it even has a chance to be born.

Now that I have completed the Brandgasm 101 course (both the copywriting and design segments), I've finally gotten a design mock-up over to Sarah to get started. And, she's gotten started! Yay! She sent me the first screenshot of our design, and we're in the process of nailing down the 1,001 details that go into designing a website.

Landing Page (round 1)

Like fonts. I had no idea there were so many fonts to choose from. And picking JUST TWO fonts that 1) go together and 2) convey the proper "aura" of you and your business... well, it's pretty much overwhelming. But between Brandgasm 101 and Sarah's experience with websites, I think we've just about got it.

And colors. I know what colors I like. But how do you know if your visitors will like them? And, what do those colors say about you, and how will your visitors interpret them? (Again, addressed in Brandgasm 101). Turns out, the colors I liked for my site actually convey what I wanted the site to convey. Just a little tweaking and figuring out "color hierarchy" and we're good to go.

So, while Sarah is coding her little fingers off (and putting up with my endless questions and "what do you think"s and "can we try it this way"s) I'm getting down to the business of actually writing the text for each page. Daunting. Because I'm a pro at editing and proofing other people's writing. But my own writing? Ugh.

I may be scouting for beta readers to look over my website and content as it develops. It never hurts to have other eyes on a project.

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