Monday, April 3, 2017

Losing BooBoo

BooBoo dragged himself into the house from outside this evening, his back legs not working, and clearly in pain. David and Michael rushed him to the emergency vet where he was diagnosed with Saddle Thrombosis. It's related to heart disease, but is virtually impossible to diagnose before an attack. He's got a blood clot stuck in his femoral artery that's cutting off bloodflow to his legs. The prognosis for this medical condition is not good. Cats most often do not regain use of the damaged leg(s), and it is extremely painful. We're leaving him with the vet overnight, and will make a decision in the morning. Considering the quality of life he's likely to have if he survives, we're leaning toward letting him go.

Our boy, BooBoo.

BooBoo's allergic to mosquito bites...ears torn up.

Snuggling with his mama.

Helping Mom with her editing.

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  1. Sorry to hear about BooBoo. Sometimes the most painful decisions (to us) are the best one for our pets. Our beloved Shadow looked just like BooBoo. We had to make the difficult decision to end Shadow's pain (he had hypothyroidism) on December 29, 2015. We were so sad. Yet, we knew that he was no longer struggling. I hope BooBoo's memories provide comfort to you tonight and in the weeks ahead.