Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Not As Expected

File this one under "things that don't end up like you expected. Last night we expected that our visit to the vet this morning would be to say goodbye to BooBoo. As it turns out, he made a turn-around overnight. He was walking around and gobbled down all of his breakfast. The vet put him on blood thinners to address the clotting issue, and we took him home.

BooBoo at the Vet, ready to go home!
There's a very good chance that, even with treatment, he'll have another blood clot within a year or so. He's got an underlying heart condition that caused the clot, so he's not as healthy as he seems. Sending him to a feline cardiologist (I din't even know there was such a thing) for diagnosis and treatment is beyond our budget, so we're going to have to work with what we've got. Considering most cats don't recover from this particular condition, I think BooBoo's chances are better than average. We'll take him for a follow-up on Friday, and in the mean time spoil the snot out of him.

Resting at home under my desk.

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