Friday, September 1, 2017

Editing:::Writing Retreat at Moon Shade Hollow: It Sneaks Up On You

Sometimes a thing just looks like an ordinary thing...

Oh, what a nice little table and lamp.

Until you get closer...

Hmmm...there's some sort of design on that table.
And closer...

Wow...that looks like it's handmade. And really complicated. What is that?

 And closer...

Holy crap, that's a bunch of different peices of wood all fitted together to make a butterfly.

Marquetry is one of those extraordinary traditional talent/skills that is easily overlooked and shouldn't be. Please take a few minutes to watch a demonstration of the process. Let it sink in how excruciatingly detailed this work is. And then take another look at some of the pieces I've posted during this writing retreat.

Then take a moment. Take a look at what's around you. Is there some human element that you hadn't noticed before and can now appreciate?

You might be surprised by what you find.

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