Friday, July 10, 2009

At The Lake

Thank you, Rachel, for a fabulous day!
We were invited for a visit by a wonderful homeschooling friend, who we sadly had not seen for some time. She and her family, including four beautiful, lively kids, live on a ranch with a lake. As soon as we arrived we were treated to a lesson in horse-shoeing. The ferrier was at the stables and had just started replacing the shoes on Big Guy. Big Guys is a BIG horse, especially for riding. We all got to watch as he pulled off an old shoe, trimmed the hoof, reshaped a new shoe on the anvil, and heated it in his really nifty truck-mounted forge. The only part we missed was the actualy nailing-on of the shoe. It was very cool.
Then, we took a tour of the mountain in the little zip-around Jeep-y cart dealy (I don't know what it's called, obvously). We got a brief lesson on the history of the mountain and surrounding area, picked a few berries, found a turkey feather, and got a great view of the countryside from the top of the hill. Then, back down the hill to the Red Barn (cottage) for lunch, and several hours of swimming, cayaking and fishing.
Wonderful day! Thanks, Rachel.

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