Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Papa Bear's Victorious Pants

Papa Bear celebrated a victory in the Battle of the Bulge today.

Back in August, at the prompting of his doctor (who threatened to medicate him if he didn’t lose ten pounds and lower his cholesterol), Papa Bear embarked on a fearless mission to get healthy, get fit, and get into smaller jeans. He has stuck to his commitment to exercise six days a week, some days working out at the Y under the guidance of his Wellness Coach, Jeff; some days walking the dogs at the park. Even while traveling on business, he has managed to mostly stick to his routine. And, he’s inspired Brother Bear to work out along side him a couple of days a week at the Y (Jeff is his wellness coach, too). I am very proud and impressed at the strength of my hubby’s commitment, and at the wonderful results of his hard work.

Sept 26th. Papa Bear after bicycling to the Y, working out, and bicycling back. Pooped.

When Papa Bear started out three months ago, he was (mostly) snugly fitting into a size 42 jean. He’s lost ten pounds (okay, he added five pounds of muscle, then lost ten pounds of fat), and has trimmed down and firmed up all around. This morning, not being able to keep his pants up without a belt (which is now on its last notch), he pulled on a size 38 jeans just for the heck of it, and they fit! They were a bit snug, but he was actually able to wear them. He dug through the “haven’t been able to wear ‘em for years” stack, and pulled out a few more pair of his former favorite jeans, and couldn’t wait to start wearing them.

Good job, Papa Bear. Keep it up, Babe!