Thursday, November 12, 2009

Second Hand Cake

Yesterday was Nana Bear's birthday. We all got together and took her to Ted's for a very nice dinner. She was sarinaded by a very cute waiter with a nice voice. The party at the next table was celebrating a birthday, as well, and as they left they offered the remaining cake to us, explaining that their birthday girl was diabetic. "So's ours! We've got two at our table...hand over the cake, and thanks!"

Nana Bear's Second-Hand Cake

Yes, contrary to popular belief, diabetics can eat cake and other sweets if they choose to, just like the rest of us. They just need to take a little extra insulin to cover the carbs. I'm not a huge advocate of eating sweets, though, doing my best to limit the sugar consumption at our house. So, said cake is still sitting on the floorboard of our truck. Hopefully to be forgotten and not eaten :)

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