Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SC/FL Camping Day 1 – Wednesday

It’s springtime in Georgia, and the pine trees are ejecting pollen with a vengeance. Papa Bear hosed down the truck and Popper before we left home, and both were once again covered in greenish-yellow pollen by the time we reached Lee State Park in SC. Of course, it was dark when we pulled in, so we couldn’t really tell exactly how much pollen coated everything. It was more felt than seen. But, we got to practice backing the camper trailer into a campsite in the dark. We’re good to go. Got Popper set up in about ½ hour, and I was happy not to have to be cooking dinner after setting up. Time to relax, listening to the wind in the pines, and smelling the campfires. Tucked into bed, and slept like a lamb.

Stay tuned for Day 2.


  1. You didn't mention this was going to be a continuing story with a cliff hanger! LOL

  2. No cliff hanger, TK - just click on "Day 2" ;)