Sunday, April 11, 2010

SC/FL Camping Day 5 – Sunday

The Tent Sleepers were up before me. I wrangled up Krusteez pancakes (the best!), sausage and eggs for breakfast, tidied up camp and the camper while the kids played, and was ready to head for the shower just as the McG’s arrived. I enjoyed a blessed shower while the grownups decided the plan for the day, and came back in time to pack up all of the essentials for the crew to go off for a few hours of fishing. The dogs and I stayed in camp for some downtime and writing. Then, post-fishing we all headed out to a local(ish) Chinese Buffet for lunch, after which we parted ways with the McG’s. Back at camp, Papa took BroBear and BooBoo to the Park’s fishing pier with the dogs, while T-Bear and I hung out and chilled. Most of our neighbors had bugged out, so it was pretty quiet. T-Bear spent most of his time obsessively listening to The Parrot Sketch, The Book Shop, and Michael Jackson.

I spent much time contemplating how to manage the complexities of the next day.

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