Saturday, April 10, 2010

SC/FL Camping Day 4 – Saturday

A lovely morning in the wilds of Florida. Breakfast burritos, then Papa Bear took the Cubs to the beach for a couple of hours before work associates arrived for some backwater fishing. There’s something very soothing for me about puttering around the camp, tidying up, arranging things in the camper. And taking advantage of a lull in the activity to do some writing.

Our first compatriot, D, arrived around 11:00, Papa and Cubs returned just after, we packed up everything up (including the dogs) and scouted out a place to fish. Turns out, Little Talbot Island State Park doesn’t allow dogs anywhere on the beach or backwater areas, so we had to find a spot outside of the Park. We were joined by the McG’s a bit later, who graciously provided lunch, as well as dinner for later at camp. Nothing edible was caught, but much enjoyment was had by all, and we got to see several samples of the ugliest fish I have ever seen in my life, aptly called a “toad fish.”

"Nope, not edible."

Not sure what's up with the hat.

It was low tide when we arrived, and the bank was mud. And, I mean, MUD. Dark, silty, gooey mud. BooBoo got bogged down in a patch and had to be fished out by Papa Bear, who also managed to find both camp shoes which had been sucked off Boo’s feet. Not long after BooBoo was cleaned up (relatively), T-Bear got bogged down in pretty much the same spot, had to be assisted out, and also cleaned up (relatively). Papa Bear got bogged down in a different area while trying to rescue a bobber off a snagged line. He had to extract himself.

Re-rigging after Papa Bear saved the infamous 20 cent bobber from a snag.

Back at camp, we all enjoyed camp-fire-roasted weenies and brats with all the fixin’s. Had snacks, and more snacks. The neighbor kids joined us for some cards. Then we set up the little tent and the McG boys stayed the night. Oh, and during a rare moment of cell reception, Papa was able to retrieve a voice mail message from a neighbor letting us know that the irrigation main at home had a significant leak and was “spewing” water. After reaching Mimi via a borrowed cell phone, we confirmed there was no major water emergency, just a minor water leak. Thanks, again, Mimi and Matt, for looking after the home place in our absence!

For anyone who is wondering what it takes to care for T-Bear's diabetes on a day like this, I've written up a post describing the care aspect of this partcular day here.