Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Love Customer Service

Today I called the Insulet Corporation, creators of the OmniPod insulin pump that T-Bear uses, and spoke to a very nice lady in the Customer Support department. No, I was not calling about another Pod failure. I was calling because our PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager - the iPhone-looking gizmo that controls the pump) was acting a little...suspicious. For a couple of weeks now, every so often the PDM would "reboot" itself - shut down, then restart showing the "welcome to my world" screen. It continued to do everything it was supposed to do, so I figured it was fine. And, yes, I put in fresh batteries to be sure it was getting enough power. I'd been assured by our OmniPod trainer/rep that if the PDM ever had a problem, Insulet would get a new PDM to us immediately...overnight in most cases.

But, yesterday the PDM stopped alarming. Not that it forgot to go off when I set a reminder. Its screen lit up and said "Reminder; check BG" or something to that effect. The problem was, it didn't beep. It just kind of sat there quietly flashing it's little light and words, hoping I would notice it. Which, amazingly I didn't. Especially when I was asleep. Also, it wasn't giving that nice, comforting "beep beep" to tell me it had enough blood for a BG test, or that it's begun delivering a bolus, or finished delivering a bolus. This was more distressing to T-Bear than to me. But the not waking up part....well, that was distressing to me.

So, I called. They answered. The nice lady on the phone said, "Let me pull out my PDM and walk through it with you." And, she did. Within three minutes, she had determined that we need a new PDM, and arranged to have a new one delivered tomorrow. TOMORROW. And, we have an entire 30 days to send back the old one. No questions asked. How cool is that?

She also took the time to verify that all other aspects of the PDM were working properly, and that T-Bear would continue to have insulin delivered properly until the new PDM arrived. Kinda important. Then, she asked if there was anything more she could to for me. Nope, that about covers it, thanks.

I love great Customer Service. Especially when my son's health depends on it.


  1. Must be nice. I sat on the phone with an idiot at the bank only to get off and sit on the phone with an idiot at the cell phone co.
    I did not have the same experience.
    In fact, I hate customer service!!!!!!

    (Oh, but I'm glad this worked out for you expecially since it has to do with one of my favorite kid's health!!!)

  2. I've always had great experiences when dealing with them. I'm glad they worked things out for you!

  3. That totally rocks!!!!!!!
    One thing I was told about the PDM rebooting was to always use the same brand of batteries. I was switching between Duracell and Energizer and I think the Energizer are a teeny weenie bit bigger so when I used the Duracell they had a smidgen of wiggle room which would cause the loss of connection. Now we only use Energizer and we no longer have the reboot/green screen problem.

    We've never had the no beep problem! That would be a huge problem for us! That is what Nate calls the PDM ---- Beep Beep!! For obvious reasons!

    BTW - no news yet on Sophie. Thanks for checking in!! XOXO

  4. Sure 'nuff, the new PDM showed up on our doorstep this morning. Wow! They even included all of the packaging and a delivery slip for the return. And, I managed to program the new PDM (whew). - Mo

  5. Thanks for the tip about the batteries, Laura. That may have been the problem. I'll be sure to stick to one brand from now on. - Mo

  6. So glad you got your new 'beep - beep'