Friday, June 25, 2010

Service Project “Save the Gulf Critters” Part Two

We finally got around to sewing up our hand towels after a bit of a false start yesterday. While bringing my sewing machine downstairs to the dining room to set it up, the storage case on the poor old thing gave out and the machine dropped to the floor. Thankfully, it did NOT drop on my foot, or I would have been in the ER (I swear the thing weighs 30 lb at least), but being dropped seems to have convinced the machine that it's time for an extended vacation. Not that I use it all that often, but it's probably at least as old as I am, and it's probably not going to remain functional much longer. So, "thank you" to Luisa for passing your sewing machine on to me so looooong ago. It has been put to very good use, and once we return from our trip, I'll see if it can be revived for a few more years of service.

Anyway, my friend, Grace, lent me her sewing machine so we could get this project wrapped up. I was able to get all of the hand towels seamed within a couple of hours, with a small break to teach Brother Bear how to make a simple seam.

T-Bear seaming a hand towel.
He decided, also, that the towel he seamed by himself needed a monogram. So, after a quick fiddle with the machine and one dry run, we managed to sew at "t" onto the towel.

Monogrammed hand towel. We're sure some sea critter somewhere will appreciate the added touch.
So, the hand towels are ready to go as soon as I pack them up. And, I remembered I had a very large skein of white cotton yarn in my craft box that is not likely to be used anytime soon. So I pulled it out and started knitting wash cloths. I'll probably only get a few done by the time I ship our box, but it's the type of thing I can keep working at during our trip and possibly ship them out when we get back home. Being able to knit and read at the same time does have its advantages...


  1. Yea! Glad you got it completed with my old machine! I like the T!

  2. You are multi-talented :)
    The towels look great.