Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Where We're Going

Papa Bear picked up Popper from the RV place yesterday afternoon (it was in for a minor repair), and found some cool stuff for our upcoming trip, including this map. Papa and the Cubs peeled off each State we'll be visiting from the master map, and put it on this map which can be hung up in your camper with suction cups.

He also found these nifty journals for the older kids to record their journeys, "Let's Go See: All 50!" For each State, there is a simple map, some information about the State, and lots of space to write about your visit, including a page of prompts; Date visited, with whom, reason for visit, places visited, what I enjoyed most, what I found most interesting, and what I'd like to see next time. Then two full lined pages for your own notes.
The younger kids got books of campfire stories, and Rand McNally travel games books.
And, what did Mama Bear get? Mom's Camper Cooking recipe book; Easy Recipes for RVer's. Too cool.
Thanks, Papa!


  1. Lot's of great parks you'll visit on your travels. We have traveled to many in the west half of the US and my kids have wonderful memories. So do I.

  2. Good times! Call me when you come to TX. :)

  3. are you coming to visit us!?

  4. @m ... don't know if we're coming to visit you ... 'cause can't for the life of me figure out how I know you. I suck at remembering people's names when I've met them in person...in the ethers of the www, I'm just hopeless. And, your profile is blocked. So, pleeeease send me an e-mail and reveal to me your true identity. :) - Mo

  5. I was checking out that map the other day, now I know what it's for! Very cool :) I am going to miss you guys!!