Monday, August 2, 2010

Tour of America - Day Twenty Three

After a relaxed morning of blogging, packing up, Papa Bear’s monthly conference call and roasting coffee, we left Grandma Jojo’s and headed out (after a quick stop for insulin, gas, and sandwiches).

Mesas on the way to Kingman.

Boulders after Kingman
After a fairly long day of driving, we pulled into the KOA, and Papa and I set up camp while the kids played and swam. Well, they only swam for a short time, because a thunderstorm rolled in and the pool was closed down.

Storm clouds moving in

Clouds up close

Layers of cloud and light

I spent half an hour photographing the clouds as they changed and moved. Not much rain, but we sure had a beautiful light show to lull us to sleep. And I discovered a new obsession ;)


  1. OK, I just caught up on your tour! Your pictures are nothing short of amazing! This is a trip that your family will remember for a lifetime!