Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why We're Walking

Because I can’t bear to hear T-Bear ask one more time, “When will the cure come?”

I’m not a big participator in large events, and I’m certainly no fundraiser. But, this year our family is participating in JDRF’s Walk To Cure Diabetes, and I am our Team Captain. I put on my Big Girl Panties, got us registered, and have begun sending out invitations to friends to join our Team, as well as pleas for sponsors. So, “Rah, rah, rah!”

If you’ve been following our family’s blog since T-Bear’s diagnosis over a year ago, I don’t have to tell you why we need a cure for Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes. I don’t have to tell you why I’ve shoved myself way out of my comfort zone to build a Team for the Walk and to collect donations for JDRF. You’ve all been there with our family as we’ve gone through the roller coaster ride that is caring for a child with Type 1 Diabetes. But, if you’d like a gentle reminder, or are a newer visitor who hasn’t yet heard the tale, our Diagnosis Story is here. And, here’s what a typical day with Diabetes looks like for an active family.

Our family would deeply and genuinely appreciate your donation of any size, just as we deeply and genuinely appreciate all of the love and support we have received over the past year-plus. Researchers all over the world are working tirelessly to find a cure, and it’s up to us to support them in their work.

So, one day, when T-Bear asks me one more time, “When will the cure come?”, I can tell him “It’s here now.”


  1. We do the same thing every year for food allergies. It is nice for E to see so many other kids with food allergies. And I like being able to raise a little money for research for a cure and for food allergy education.

    Good luck and it will be more fun than you think!

  2. You beauty! I'll have a look at the donation link later today.

    :) Vanessa

  3. Ok, you have successfully brought tears to my eyes with this post. I hope the day comes soon when you can tell him the cure has come.

  4. Good luck to you and your family in your fundraising efforts :) I too, can't wait for the day when I can tell my girls that the cure is here!!!