Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tombstone for a Dead Chimpmunk

We had a modest burial today in the front yard. Our cats, Baghira and BooBoo, brought a live chipmunk into the house this afternoon. Just one of their usual, unpleasant offerings. Thankfully this one was alive and in one piece, unlike the last five lizards we have found in the kitchen.

Said chipmunk was rescued by BooBoo (the son, not the cat), who happened to turn six today, and who released said chipmunk in the front yard (after feeding it some pecans) to scamper away and be on his merry way.

Just before dinner, said chipmunk was found on the front walk in a less-than-live state of being. Yep, the cats had found him again, and finished their work. BooBoo (the son, not the cat) got out the shovel and dug a grave, buried the unfortunate chipmunk, and made up a gravemarker using a paving stone and a sharpie marker.

Grave marker under the magnolia tree.

"Here lies a chipmunk that died from my cats."
No, I didn't help with the spelling...he worked it out on his own.

One of the guilt-less culprits.
Life goes on in the Huey household.

Happy birthday, BooBoo.

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  1. I have a friend who has two cats and they bring her little "presents" chipmunks so far! Well, at least it received a proper burial :)