Saturday, September 25, 2010

U/ME Day - Brother Bear's Birthday by Papa Bear

We woke with our hearts pounding – with the kind of excitement typically reserved for Xmas morning, we both rose this morning with you eagerly ready and me quietly reserved to watch you pass through one the greatest milestones any young man can. Today you’ve just turned 11. Today we’re going to the shooting range. Today, you’re going to learn how to shoot. Today we start with a semi-automatic pistol – a .380 (thank you Mister J).

You and I have been talking about this adventure for months now. We’ve spent hours talking about each aspect of the experience; from how to take the proper precautions to keep you and those around you safe, to techniques necessary to ensure you score well.

I couldn’t tell which of us was more excited and nervous . . . but we managed to contain our enthusiasm as we entered the shop. With safety, loading, handling lessons all behind us, it was time to demonstrate. You watch me shoot first before you take your turn. Got it? Ready???

Okay now, target up and in position (15 yards) . . . load the clip into the gun like I showed you; that’s it, now feel the weight. Remember right hand for control and left for stability. Okay, now release the slide latch – do you have your site alignment & site picture? Remember aim center mass? Okay then, release the safety and ONLY when you’re ready I want you to feel the weight of double action -- gently pull the trigger . . . steady now Son – that’s it . . . now breath and squeeze . . .

. . . aaand,


Nice . . . very nice, indeed. Hey, nice hangin’ on after the first shot! Okay, now three full clips and (1) hour later; with almost all rounds spent with reasonable proximity of vital areas – you’ve done it, my boy. Way to go . . . I’m proud of you! :)

And, of course, there is only ONE WAY to round off this experience . . . we must get you (3) scoops of your favorite mint chocolate chip . . . oh, and sprinkles and; oh yeah, gummy worms too . . .


  1. Love the writing style - I am sure Brother Bear will love having this to look back on, getting to see his dad's perspective of a very special day in his life.