Thursday, November 4, 2010

DAM -n- NaBloPoMo Day 4 - Our Diabetes Counter

This is the sideboard in our kitchen/dinnette area, where I keep everything we need for T-Bear's day-to-day D-care. Our "backup" supplies are in the pantry.

So, starting from the left, we've got:
* A mug for holding new syringes. Sort of like a pencil cup, I find it easier to grab one when they're all standing up.
* Our black D-bag which holds everything we need (except for the test kit) when we go anywhere.
* Poking out of the D-bag is the blue Poucho which holds and keeps the insulin cool during the hotter months. It's a pretty clever little gizmo, activated by water so you don't have to carry an ice pack around during the summer.
* Also barely poking out of the D-bag is the rocket (Inject-Ease device) that makes T-Bear's injections a bit less painful.
* Not poking out of the D-bag are alcohol wipes, glucose tablets, spare test strips, and spare lancets.
* T-bear's flame-colored SPIBelt that contains his testing supplies and glucose tablets.
* Log sheets and pen.
* Two vials of insulin in their protective cases (so they won't break when I drop them on the tile floor). Blue is Lantus, pink is Humalog.
*T-Bear's vitamins and supplements, and the fancy little glass we put them in.
* Spare test kit (the SPIBelt is often floating around the house).
* Calculator for adding up carbs and calculating doses.
* Empty milk jug for collecting used sharps.
* Nutrition scale for weighing foods and determining carbs.
So, that's about it. Everything we need to calculate and prep a dose of insulin as quickly and easily as possible. And, it's easy to load up the D-bag with whatever we need when we are heading out the door.
Where do you keep your D-stuff?


  1. My supplies are on a shelf in the linen closet. But the everyday stuff is all in different places. Meter/Pump remote is on the computer desk, glucose tablets and foods to raise low blood sugars in a special bowl in the cupboard right a long with the other food. We don't have a food scale, but I am thinking about getting one.

  2. Makes our tiny little Med pack (with Epi pen and benedryl) look like nothing to manage! That is alot of equipment for one little soul.

  3. @ Grace - I don't know if I could be as vigilant every hour of every day as you have to be with your daughter's allergy. My hat goes off to you....