Monday, November 8, 2010

DAM -n- NoBloPoMo Day 8 - Not Funny

Dear Onion Editors,

It’s not funny. Not even remotely. Children dying, under any circumstances, is just not funny. The death of a child is an incredible tragedy, every time, and should not be made light of. It should not be used as the punchline of a joke. It should not be used to poke fun at a public figure who is working to increase awareness about a serious disease and give support to children who suffer from it.

Children being hacked to death with machetes in Rwanda. Children starving to death in Etheopia. Children dying of AIDs in Africa. Children being shot to death the cross fire of gang wars. Infants dying of SIDS in their sleep. Children dying in car accidents. Do you find humor in any of these deaths? Are they also a joking matter to you?

Type 1 Diabetes in an incurable life-threatening disease that requires constant vigilance to keep at bay. Those children who survive to adulthood face a lifetime of possible health complications including blindness, heart disease, kidney disease, amputations, and death. With the help and support of their families and communities, these kids battle for their lives every single day. Their dying, of any cause, even in jest, is not funny. Ever.

You should immediately remove the article and publish an apology. I don’t expect you will, but you should.


A Mom

Note: This is not the actual letter I sent to the Editors of The Onion. That one I won’t reprint here, because I was not very polite.

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