Friday, January 7, 2011

Mythical Baret

I knitted each of my "guys" hats for Christmas. I didn't quite finish Brother Bear's because he wanted a baret, which takes a bit more time than a regular hat. He was a bit perplexed when he got two balls of yarn cast on and partially knit on a set of round needles, but I think he agrees it was worth the wait.

Brother Bear as Jaime Hyneman...



  1. Awesome! Hat turned out great. I think he is ready for next Halloween!

  2. Wow you're clever, and he looks SO stylish!! Cool hat.

  3. Thanks, Butterfly! Wish I could take all the credit, but I was following a pattern. Well, mostly following a pattern, because I just can't bring myself to follow instructions to the letter, something which, I am sure, will be my eventual downfall. But, not today :)

  4. Love it!
    I sent a link to this post (and the one of BooBoo's spaceships) to Grant and Adam from Mythbusters, via Twitter. (Jaime isn't on Twitter, to my knowledge.) Who knows if they will look at the links, but if they do I bet they'll enjoy! :)