Sunday, January 16, 2011


BooBoo Bear was busy on Saturday building a spaceship for Space Bear. A box, two paper plates, one Christmas tree stand, and some tape...

...a few muffin papers and more tape...

...wood shims and more tape. Yes, Space Bear is still in there.

The "Mosquito 10,000".
On Sunday, he built a second space ship. This one was just a bit bigger and included a Wii steering wheel, a furniture dolly, and quite a bit more tape. Electrical tape. A full roll. This one requires a ring full of keys.

I'm pretty sure this was the inspiration for building the machine...

And, here's the maiden voyage. The wooden sword is for steering and braking (Brother Bear's suggestion). Brother Bear is at the bottom of the road in case he got going too fast. The helmet was at my insistance.

Did you notice there's still a patch of snow on the road?

BooBoo then went on to build a third spaceship, this one for Brother Bear. Snow saucer (probably won't work very well on asphalt), kids' booster seat (comfy!), woodworking clamps, plumbing pipes... Ace Hardware bucket (booster rocket), and mosquito repellant fan (not sure why).

This one hasn't been taken out for a spin yet. I think the Cubs are putting in their request for more snow and ice, even though our driveway still has ice from last Sunday's storm.


  1. What I absolutely love the most about these creations is that they were made at your house and not mine :) LOL!