Friday, April 29, 2011

Huey Haiku

Papa Bear just returned from a longer-than-usual business trip to California and Colorado. He was able to slip in some much-needed visit time with relatives, and arranged a video conference with the Bear Cubs on Easter evening. He was also bitten by the Haiku Bug, and put together some ditties to share with all.


L.A. to Salt Lake

Through cloud saturated skies

Now onto Denver

Safely in Denver

Here to enjoy some of this

Rocky Mountain High!

Meetings all day long

Necessitated coffee

To keep from dozing…

Peered out my window

To examine great vistas

Of awesome grandeur!

Outbound tomorrow

Home to see my family

And sleep for a week!

Rockies capped with snow

Like a thick blanket of white

Splitting earth from sky

Home at last am I

Reception incredible

Return to normal


Welcome home, babe! You were missed by all!

1 comment:

  1. WoHOOO...WELCOME HOME. I bet you are psyched to have him back for some "help". :)

    Have a great w/e.