Saturday, April 2, 2011


The doings of the day, in no particular order.

We had a few extra kids sleeping here overnight; two of S's kids, and one Bee kid. Having slept most of the night on the floor in the living room with the kids (inducing said kids to go to sleep sans hour of giggling) I was fully prepared to sleep much of the day away. David got up at a decent hour to get all six kids up, dressed, fed, and out the door for another trip to Home Depot for a building project. The kids all made planter boxes and got their pin, then painted their creations here at home. There was much paint involved. Much of it dribbled.

I tried to catch up on blogs. I'm down to 120 unread blog posts.

Me email is also behind. I owe several people messages. And two people letters. Sorry. Will do my best to get to you soon.

Our "new" neighbor across the street dropped by. She was taking her grandson for a walk, trying to keep him awake until his folks came by to pick him up on their way for a long car trip. They hung out with our gaggle for close to an hour, chatting here and there, and Thomas doing much to keep the little guy entertained and diverted.

David went to his mom's place to finish a repair job and bring back a load of mulch from her recently downed and mulched tree.

S came to start sewing her tie dye apron with a little bit of help from me (it's about 1/2 done), and stayed for dinner.

I duct taped my laptop, because it's reached the point where the "separation" of screen parts is threatening to become permanent and render the screen dead.

The younger kids spent a good deal of time playing "fort" in the newly-returned-home pop-up camper. It needed a bit of TLC from it's month-long trek across the country last summer and spent the last few weeks at the repair shop.

I painted a little girl's fingernails blue.

I didn't knit a single friggin stitch, though I've got several projects in my basket.

I didn't read anything, though I have a stack of books on the mantle and several more on my Kindle waiting to be read.

I didn't do any significant work in the garden, though there is PLENTY of work to do.

We made egg rolls, California rolls and peanut broccoli noods for dinner. S learned how to roll egg rolls, though didn't learn to roll California rolls because of a child-related-skinned-knee incident.

I burned my finger frying egg rolls. Again.

The kids helped unload the 2nd load of mulch from the back of our neighbor's truck. Thomas sliced a good deal of the skin off the tip off one of his fingers on the broken leaf blower. Don't ask why a leaf blower was needed for unloading mulch from the back of truck.

S was inspired by Vegitarian magazine and we changed our menu plan for Tuesday. Apparently I'll be learning to make Pasties.

Thomas was given permission, and promptly went to work avenging his finger injury upon the defective leaf blower by smashing it to bits with a very heavy sledge hammer. Michael now has another motor to add to his collection of parts.

Liz and two of her kids came for an evening of Scrabble. We had a very close match (145 , 146, 148, and David). The kids stayed for the night. We were all up til about 2:00 AM.

KitMama and kids are permanently "here". And Gypsy the dog.

I'm looking forward to a quiet day. Right.


  1. Gotta GET Scrabble! We play chess and Blockus...but do I not have that!?

  2. THAT was a good game of Scrabble. :) It was a helluva day. I need to jumpstart my blogging again!

  3. Pasties? what's a pasties? (all I can think of is the, um, adult dancer attire)

  4. Okay! For the Record, because I've had this conversation all night, a "pastie" is a traditional Cornish/British meat/veggie "pie" that is pronounced in a manner which resembles "nasty". As opposed to a "pastie" that sounds like "tasty" that is worn by an exotic dancer. No, I will not be making "twirlies" for dinner, I will be making "pies" for dinner.
    Although, making pies while wearing twirlies might be interesting ;)