Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day Six at the Lake, Part II

Another day of "mostly pix". William and I got back to the lake in time for another dip in the lovely, murky waters. Even I got in (I don't like water I can't see through).

Thomas chillin'.

Still all decked out.

Funny Girl dis-ing the life vest.

Babyman floating.

A dancing dog...oh, my!

Jenny contemplating the water.

Can't even begin to describe this shot...

And, much more of this....

Our last night at the lake, I figured out that a big part of William's wacky numbers were probably growth hormones kicking in. A 2 am check read 137, and at 8 am he had shot up to 377. Wow. Mind-boggling, ain't it? Looks like some middle-of-the-night corrections are in order....

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