Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day Six at the Lake

Okay, so no pictures for a few days, and a change of plans, some good news, and a break.

Originally we intended to pack up and return home on Thursday because William had his quarterly checkup with the Ped Endo on Friday. But, our gracious hostess twisted our collective arms (right!), so we "adjusted". That's just the way we flow 'round here. So, William and I packed overnight bags, hopped in the truck, and drove home Thursday afternoon, while the rest of the combo-fam stayed at the lake. Honestly, William really needed the break from all the action, activity and chaos of the previous few days. And, well, I kind of really enjoyed the break, too.

So, our Ped Endo appointment went great. Dr. A had the lab results from the previous visit, and they were spectacularly good. Just about everything came back indicating William is wonderfully healthy. His total cholesterol was 125; HDL was 56, trigylcerides was 70, and LDL was 55 (according to Dr. A, that is all rediculously good, even for a kid). And, he'd grown 1.5 inches in 3 months. We'd started our diet shift about two months before his labs were drawn, and I think that had a lot to do with the results we got from the labs. On down side, we need to supplement Vitamin D (not drinking milk), and he needs a bit more water every day (easy fix). And we need to re-do his pee test because the microalbumin came back wacky (Dr. A says that could be because he'd been active that day before the test). The all-important A1c had dropped a bit, to 7.3...still need to work on that. But, overall, I was very pleased with the results and the visit.

While I was home, I did some more research on diabetes apps, and loaded another one onto Thomas' iTouch. It's become clear that I'm just not going to get an app that accepts all the data I want it to, displays or downloads the data in a way that I can easily use, incorporates carb:insulin ratios and correction factors, and has a comprehensive food library. I guess I'm just going to have to find someone to write a comprehensive app for Type 1 diabetics, or stick to written logs.

William and I enjoyed another quiet evening at home, then returned to the lake on Saturday. And, of course as fate would have it, we were battling goofy highs from the moment we got home from the checkup, all evening, overnight, and including on the drive to the lake. Ain't that just the way it goes?

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