Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day Two at The Lake

Day Two was pretty much all about being in the water, from just after breakfast until the sun went down. Even Jenny and Jasmin got up the gumption (after much coaxing) to get in.

It was also very much about fishing. David was great about accommodating whichever kids wanted to fish (there were several!), and a few fish were even caught...

Babyman and David workin' the rod.

Got one on the line!

Babyman's first fish! A little one, just like him ;)

Michael was pretty much a pro and pulled in a couple of decent sized fish...

As usual, the combination of sun, swimming, excitement, and whacky eating schedule combined for some wacky BG numbers for William. We managed to avoid any freak-out lows by liberally snacking on fruit and nuts, but I ended up keeping him higher than I like in anticipation of post-swimming lows. And, he seems to be growing 'cause he's eating like a horse...along with all the rest of the kids. I can't believe how much food they all packed away!

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