Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day One at The Lake

Despite getting up later than I had planned, we managed to get packed up, loaded up, hitched up, and piled into two vehicles in pretty good time.

Babyman and Michael ready to go.

It wasn't a very long drive to the lake, even with multiple stops. David and five cubs went in the Sequoia, and KitMama and I went in her van with one cub and four dogs (two were dropped off elsewhere...only two came with us to the lake). It was definitely hot when we got there, but we got Popper set up and were down at the lake in plenty of time to enjoy the water.

J and Babyman.

David even got in a little fishin' time...

Note the all-important beer...

essential for catching fish.

And, as always, S had her camera out and took lots of fabulous pictures...

The photographer.

This trip seemed like a good opportunity to check out some iPhone/iTouch apps for diabetes management. Thomas was good enough to let me use his iTouch, I downloaded a couple of apps, and started logging data while we were still at home. It is really convenient to be able to load data straight into the iTouch, rather than mess with a written log. There's a fairly decent food library with carb counts, and the timer on-board is very helpful. But, you have to have the ratios, correction factors, etc. in your head to calculate doses. Not a problem for me, but would be for anyone else filling in at dose time. I'll be hunting for the "perfect app", I'm sure...


  1. See :) I need you to photograph me!

  2. just wanted to say again how much I enjoy your blog! I check it all the time! :) meghann