Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

First, Happy Mothers Day to every mother out there! I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful day, full of love and sweetness and blessed peace (like that last part ever happens if you've got kids around!).

Second, I just have to ask, "What's with the apostrophe?" Every time I see it written out, it's written "Mother's Day" but that just doesn't make sense to me, unless it's "My Mother's Day." If it's supposed to be everyone's mother's day, then it should be "Mothers' Day" right? So, I blew off the whole apostrophe thing and called it "Mothers Day."

So, yes, I did sleep in. Kind of. Since I'm not really an early riser on most days, "sleeping in" can result in rising at dusk, and that's kind of not possible in a houseful. Also, I was treated to breakfast in bed...fresh baked scones courtesy of KitMama, orange slices, and coffee fixed just like I like (Thank You Michael and Little Man!).

I was "planning" to go plant some bulbs in the garden today (thank you, honey, for all the new bulbs!) and even dressed in my scrudgy garden get-up. But, other things gently tugged me in other directions. Most of my time today was pleasantly spent reviewing photos of the past year-plus for a project (which at this time I am unable to divulge). I love looking at pictures of my boys as they change, remembering the things we've done and places we've been. It was a great way to spend a chunk of Mothers Day.

David and our boys presented me with a couple of nice's; a mother-of-pearl Celtic knot pendant (from hubby), a tin of Tiger Balm (there's a story behind that...but another day), and a heated massaging pillow...soooooo awesome! Thanks, guys, for making me feel special!

Then, on to overseeing "crafts." Yesterday David took four-of-six boys to Home Depot for their monthly kids craft, and they made tulip planters. David picked up an assortment of acrylic paints, and the kids set to work.

Michael "going red."

The Pirate getting tips from Papa.

Thomas applying earth-tone to the base.
The t-shirt says neither "got art" nor "got fart!",
but "got peart?" It's a RUSH thing.

Little Man applies concentration to his craft.

Babyman was too little to do the craft,

but made a lovely painting of a purple jello pool.

We recently saw "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs."
Several times.

The final masterpieces.

Another wonderful treat today was the opportunity to meet for the first time a dear friend of mine. I've known Butterfly for over two years now, originally finding one another on line through TJEd and continuing our friendship through major changes on both sides, always supporting, inspiring, accepting and loving one another. For me, our relationship is the living embodiment of not just tolerating, or even accepting, but genuinely appreciating differences and embracing the person as a whole.

Anyway, David and I drove downtown to pick up Butterfly at the ATL airport for a nice dinner (at a restaurant...without kids!) during her lay-over. Actual grow-up conversation! It was fabulous! And, just to knock my socks off, Butterfly presented me with this...

...something she knows I have wanted for quite a long time now (probably only TJEd'ers will appreciate this puppy...check out the date!). She hauled that sucker (and, it IS heavy!) from Colorado to the Virgin Islands to Atlanta in her backpack, not knowing for sure whether or not we would be able to hook up (our family's plans were changed just a few days ago...after Butterfly was already in The Islands). What a Super Serindipity that David and I had no plans and she happened to end up on the earlier flight home so we could spend some time together!

On a purely corny note, I bestowed upon Butterfly my first ever friendship bracelet. I know, what planet have I been living on that I've never given a friend a friendship bracelet. But, better late than never, right? Thanks to Craft Hope's Project 12, I've been working on making bracelets. And, my favorite bracelet to make so far happens to be....knitted! Go figure. But, more on that later. For now, it warms my heart to know that a dear friend is on a plane zooming to Colorado with MY knitted friendship bracelet on her wrist, which happens to match the one on my wrist right now.

Okay. All for now. I really want to say something....actually a lot of somethings....about how awesome it is to have Kit Mama and her family living with us, and how awesome each individual member of that particular family is, and how fabulously our two families have blended for our co-hab. But, that really deserves a completely separate post, which I will try to get to in the near future. Along with catching up on everything that has been filling our days for the past few months that I haven't had time to write about. I'll do my best to keep up, and possibly even catch up, from here on out, even if it's just posting pictures.

'Night, All!

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