Friday, May 13, 2011

Mom's Night In for Craft Hope

This is Grace. She is making a bracelet.

Grace is great about pulling our little group together to participate in Craft Hope service projects. Last month she banded us together to make Safe Birthing Kits for Haiti, which my goofy little bears were tucked into.

Project 12 is Bracelets for Russian Orphans (the deadline for submissions is June 15th, so there's plenty of time to participate!). Grace's daughter, Ella, decided that for her birthday she would like to have a bracelet-making party in support of Project 12, which resulted in a baggie full of bracelets. Because we couldn't make it to the party, the following week Grace brought all of her materials to our house where the Huey-Bee clan made more bracelets.

Thomas' macrame'd masterpiece.

This past Wednesday, Grace hosted "Mom's Night In". We all brought appetizer-style edibles, sipped wine (or water), and made bracelets. I brought along bracelets I had made since Grace announced the project and made several more throughout the evening, and we ended up with nice a pile by the end of the night that looked like this:

And the "total collection" baggie looked like this:

So, when Grace first brought this project to our attention, I immediately set about finding a way to make bracelets that I could put together fairly quickly and would look decent. I'm really not very good about putting together beaded things that look like they were put together like that on purpose, like Kit is:

One macrame'd and three beaded bracelets by Kit.

Although I did manage to make a few macrame'd bracelets... favorite technique turned out to guessed it...knitted:

I saw a tutorial on line for incorporating beads into a knitted project and went with that.

Knitted beaded bracelet.

I also made non-beaded bracelets (including matching Friendship bracelets for Butterfly and I), and discovered how to make a twisted knitted bracelet (which I am making for the kiddos). So far, my contribution to Project 12 (both knitted and macrame'd) looks something like this:

Since we've still got about a month to go before the submission deadline, I'm hoping to have another dozen or more ready to go by then.

How many bracelets do you think you can squeeze out between now and then?

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  1. It was fun!! I love Craft Hope, it allows those of us that can't afford to donate a lot of money to donate our time... great concept. Your knitted bracelets were my favorites. So beautiful.